Within the US

We arrived in the United States in 1966 at the invitation of Bishop Celestine Damiano of Camden, NJ.   This was the first time The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy had spread their acts of Mercy beyond the boarders of Italy.  

Ministries /Missions In New Jersey, South Carolina and Louisiana

New Jersey and South Carolina :

Care for  Seniors and the Disabled, Spiritual Counseling, Community Outreach


Social, Educational and Residential Services for Child Victims of Human Trafficking, Community Outreach and Education, Spiritual Counseling, Religious Formation  and Catholic Retreat services both single day and extended stay



Formal Religious Studies, Formation, Care of the Sick and Elderly in Hospitals, Medical clinics, and Senior Housing.  Operation of a Nursing School,  Community Outreach and Evangelization

Switzerland and Poland:

Care for the disabled and  Seniors and the Disabled, Evangelization, Community Outreach


Hospitals, village ministry: caring for the needs of poor families in the villages, education, faith formation and evangelization.

India : 

Leprosy treatment center, rehabilitation center for alcoholism and drug addiction, care of the sick & elderly in clinics & hospitals, faith formation and evangelization,  provide education opportunities for children in our schools as well as education and skill training for the poor. 

Philippines :

House homeless children and provide care and education, care of the sick & elderly in  medical clinics & hospitals and residential centers, faith formation and evangelization.   


Village ministry: caring for the needs of poor families, education, faith formation and evangelization 

Timor East, Indonesia, and Vietnam:

Medical clinics, promote women’s education, mother and child welfare programs, social services to those in need, faith formation and evangelization.

Nigeria and Rwanda:

Hospitals, promote women education, mother and child welfare programs, visit families and faith formation and evangelization.