The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy were founded in Rome, Italy on May 16, 1821 because of the tremendous need for people to care for the sick.  Under the protection of Pope Pius VII the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy began their ministry of caring for the sick in Italy.  Today, the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy are in thirteen countries including the US, India, Switzerland, Poland, the Philippines and Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, East Timor, Vietnam, Cameroon, and Indonesia. 

Princess Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphili was our founding patroness.  With Princess Teresa’s everlasting example of dedication, our community has flourished and grown. Princess Teresa was dedicated to serve despite her noble upbringing, she never shied away from the sometimes-gruesome experiences she encountered. She was so dedicated to her work that she neglected to care for herself, leading to an untimely death at the age of 41. It is through of our vow of Hospitality that we truly honor our foundress.  By dedicating our lives to both the spiritual and physical needs of those we are called to serve.

Throughout our history, our Sisters have provided selfless service for the sick. During the 1837 cholera outbreak in Rome, our sisters never relented in caring for those sickened with this disease.  During World War II, the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy cared for the wounded and sick from all over Italy.   In fact, Blessed Raffaella Cimatti, a dedicated member of our Congregation was instrumental in convincing a Senior German officer to spare the lives and homes of the inhabitants of an Italian village.  Her efforts were recognized by the Vatican in 1996 when she was Beatified.

Today our sisters continue to work with he poor, the sick, and the disenfranchised.  Our Sisters work in clinics with persons suffering from leprosy, addictions, physical  and mental disabilities and senior services. We also provide social services such as wellness education, financial literacy, child education, helping the homeless and working with victims of human trafficking.  We provide these services as an example to all as the blessing that is God’s love and each act of kindness we perform is done in His name.

S symbolizes the HOLY SPIRIT which unites all the members of the Congregation and which provides its gifts to each one, inspires, strengthens, guides and supports each one for the desire or the will to be a renewed person.  We notice the perfection of the letter S in comparison to the O and M. This symbolizes the SISTER who must strive for HOLINESS.

O it symbolizes the world map, that is, the internationality of the Congregation. So it represents the community as the root and source for a true rebirth from above.

M  broken into 3, symbolizes the name of MARY, it also means MOM, it also means MERCY which is the charism of our Congregation. Each member must have this Mercy and compassion towards all those in need. It also symbolizes the 3 vows of CHASTITY, POVERTY, and OBEDIENCE.

The tail of the M is our fourth vote HOSPITALITY.  As you can see it goes downwards. It is precisely the humility of Mary that must also be the humility of every SOM when we do service to the sick, to the elderly, to children, to the poor, to the needy, despite the difficulties we encounter even sometimes the unjust accusations we suffer, we like Mary we continue to do good. An action of charity done in secret is very pleasing to God.

The Head of the M is the mantle of Mary that covers and protects the whole Congregation. We are connected with Mary, the strip goes upwards and symbolizes our direction towards the sky through her we reach Christ.


The Cross Inside the O there is a T-shaped CROSS is also the name of our founder TERESA, and since within the community the crosses, the difficulties, the sufferings, the trials of life, the conflicts are part of the life of the community. , so if we want to be renewed we must accept this reality as part of our growth that means that one must not be passive but accept this reality with awareness and transform it into holiness of life.

The Writting under the big SOM, written in very small letters, almost invisible if you don’t look carefully. “Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy. “Because we sisters, despite our internationality, must remain humble, hidden and united in our service of charity so we are sure of our reward in heaven.

Unity in diversity